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Jessica Gorman

Our daughter has attended Casa Montessori for the past two years. She has loved her teachers, and so have we. Her academic growth has been wonderful, but so has her personal and social development. I am very happy to have found a school with teachers that give attention to all of these important areas. We also really like the size of the school, which does not feel overwhelming and has a nice, friendly environment. Our son will be starting in the toddler room this fall and we are looking forward to seeing him grow and learn at Casa.

Diana Baines

My son Henry really likes his teachers. He also enjoyed the dance class.

Amy Price LMFT

We loved having our son at Casa Montessori de Carlsbad. He absolutely thrived not only because of the Montessori style of learning but also because every teacher and administrator cared for him on a deep, nurturing level. Had we not moved away to another city, we would definitely have considered keeping him at Casa for his kindergarten year. The school, teachers, and staff will be greatly missed!!

Monique Liston

My son has gone to Casa for about 6 weeks now and we are more than pleased with the entire school. My son is in primary 1 and his teacher and teacher's assistant are absolutely wonderful both professionally and on a personal level. They are caring, kind, smart, and exactly right for the job. My boy was already reading when he started Casa, but he is definitely excelling in other areas now as well.

The school is very clean and they have lots of after school aides. I can always call or email and ask how my son is doing and I get a response within minutes. We do pay a bit more to go here and we do bring snacks once a month. It's a small price to pay to be happy at school, plus you are told exactly what to bring and it's always healthy. My son was at another Montessori where they provided snacks and it was bulk non nutritional foods. This method is much more preferable.

I really can't say enough good things about casa. I have seen about 15 schools while looking for a new school and this is by far the winner.

Monique Johnston

I have been a "Casa Mama" for two years and counting. My oldest son started attending at the age of three and he will be entering kindergarten this upcoming fall. My youngest daughter will be starting primary 1 in the fall and has been spending this past year in Casa's toddler room.

My main motivation for sending my children to Montessori so young was ultimately get the fire started: Start the excitement for learning. For my both of my children: to get the excitement of being a part of a community, to build a foundation for their quest for knowledge, and to encourage them to become a 'global citizen'.

I believe that Casa Montessori is doing this and more for my children. I am pleased with the Montessori curriculum, the progress my children have made over time, and the warm compassionate staff who have become more of a family to us. Classrooms are small in numbers: my children are recognized for their unique strengths and skills reflecting on the organization and quality of the school as a whole.

I look forward to the next two years for my daughter to both contribute and utilize the charm and warm community aspect offered at Casa Montessori de Carlsbad.

Chris Liashek

I've been very impressed with how much my son has learned in the Toddler classroom. Not only have his vocabulary and listening skills increased dramatically, but he's learned the most polite manners and loves to go to school each morning. The teachers are very loving and attentive and I feel confident each day I drop him off that he's not only learning life skills but also having a lot of fun.


I keep passing out the name of the school to my friends, and new people I meet with children constantly. The word school for Jackson has a special meaning and that's because of your awesome team.

Lauren Conroy

Both of my girls have attended Casa. We've been there for 4 year and just signed up for next year as well. It is a lovely little school. I couldn't be happier with our time there. The teachers are loving, nurturing, and I know my girls both have received a wonderful Montessori education. My oldest was there for 3 years before attending Kindergarten and she is now the most advanced in her class at both reading and mathematics. She also has such an amazing love for school and learning and I know Casa had a lot to do with that. Every day I walk in and out of there knowing how lucky I am that both my girls have attended this school. If you are looking for Montessori education for your child this little school is the way to go.

Gretchen G.

I found this gem of a pre-school after touring at least a dozen north county pre-schools. It's cozy and feels more like a home than a school (a huge plus as most of the other highly rated schools in Carlsbad/Oceanside felt a little too institutionalized for me) and all the teachers and assistants are kind, loving and supportive. I love how they create an orderly, calm learning environment (even in the toddler room!), play classical music while the children are doing their "work", and keep the focus on good manners.

My daughter has been at the school for nearly 2 years now and has flourished. Her aptitude and social skills really stand out when we visit friends with kids of similar age, and she already has basic reading skills and is able to sound out words in books (she's still only 3!) I enrolled my son at 18 months and I truly believe it's been more advantageous to start them young as my nanny did not have the specialized child development training and experience that the school staff has. Also, the social setting offers a safe and encouraging place for them to learn how to be a good friend, embrace kindness, learn personal space and share experiences.

I can't say enough good things about the wonderful teachers in the Toddler and Primary I classrooms. They are both perfectly suited for the ages they teach. They do have certain expectations for milestones and behavior, which is a good thing for the collective experience and part of what creates the soothing and productive atmosphere of this school. Both of my children seem advanced for their age, thanks in great part to the curriculum and focus that this school offers.