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About Us

Providing quality Montessori education since 1970.


About the Head of School/Owner


     Shannon Bingham has always had a natural love for children.  As a Montessori child, growing up with a Mother who founded the Montessori School of La Jolla, she spent most of her childhood around the school helping in the classroom, playing and interacting with the children.  You can say, the Montessori way has been engrained in her most of her childhood, adolescent and adult life. 

     After high school and college, she pursued a career in the legal field for approximately 10 years.  As her Mother approached retirement, she felt a need to reconnect with her childhood passion and decided to go back to school and earn her Montessori Teacher Credentials.  This began her new career and continuation of her love for children and teaching.

     Over the years, Shannon managed her passion of teaching and administrating her school with a balanced lifestyle for family, in raising her now adult daughters with her husband, Mike.

     After building a new school facility site in La Jolla, an opportunity came to expand at a location in Carlsbad already known as Casa Montessori de Carlsbad.  After viewing the school, and seeing the wonderful environment that Casa provided she was so excited to continue on with this new adventure in Carlsbad.  With some TLC over the years in improving the environment this little gem of a school tucked in the village area of Carlsbad has truly been another rewarding experience and provides a quality Montessori program in Carlsbad. 

     Shannon enjoys spending time with her husband and her two dogs walking on the hiking trails, boating, mountain biking, spending time with her family and grandchildren, gardening, the beach and traveling.

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Maria Montessori

Learn more about Dr. Maria Montessori


Maria Montessori was born in Italy in 1870. She became the first woman to graduate from the University of Rome Medical School in 1896. In addition to being a doctor, Maria Montessori did research in psychiatric medicine and continued her education in philosophy, psychology and education. Dr. Montessori was appointed Professor at the University of Rome in 1904.

Dr. Montessori’s interest in the development of children started with disabled and mentally challenged children. Through this process of children in her care, her theories evolved. She saw amazing results with these children and thus began her philosophies. In 1906, Dr. Maria Montessori founded the first Casa de Bambini also known as a “Children’s House”.

Dr. Montessori discovered how young children naturally adapted and enjoyed learning. Dr. Maria Montessori continued her work and findings, which she shared throughout the United States, Europe and India. She founded training courses, an institute for research in Spain, and Montessori Training Centers around the world. Dr. Maria Montessori was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times.


It is my pleasure and honor to introduce myself as Casa Montessori de Carlsbad’s school Director.   I am proud to be a part of Casa’s school community and to support our students and their family.  I am excited to bring my experience, openness and child-centered approach to support our students while facilitating the Montessori philosophy of education.  Relationships between the family and the school are vital to the success of your child, I encourage parents to become involved in any way possible to support your child’s Montessori experience.

As a child, I knew I wanted to become a Montessori Teacher, growing up as a Montessori child attending from a toddler to the third grade.  I have always had a natural love for children.

This is the start of over 21 years in Montessori education teaching and administrating.  My career began at Montessori School of La Jolla as a student intern/teacher assistant in August of 2003.  During my 19 years at Montessori School of La Jolla, I was a lead teacher for our toddler and primary classrooms.  In 2017, I moved from teaching full-time in the classroom to administration to school Assistant Director/Director.  During this time, I had the pleasure of continuing to work closely with the staff, students and families in all facets of the school operations.

I look forward to the collaboration and support we will be able to give your child while attending Casa Montessori de Carlsbad.

Marily Miranda

Philosophy & Principles

"Help me to do it myself." - Maria Montessori

The following are the most important Montessori philosophies and principles:

  • Environment richly prepared

  • Children progress at their own rate

  • Freedom of choice with responsibility

  • Self-teaching manipulative materials

  • Character and personality development

  • Building a positive self-image

  • Children responsible for themselves and the environment

  • Recognition of sensitive periods for learning

  • Sensory-based learning

  • Self-control through lessons in grace and courtesy

  • Control-of-error built into lessons

  • Utilizing mixed age groups for positive behavior consequences

  • Self-discipline through work

  • An interrelated curriculum

  • Stimulate left and right brain integration

  • Encourage movement necessary for neuro-muscular development

  • Individual as well as group interactions

  • Non-judgmental approach

  • Appreciation of all life

  • Inner peace and satisfaction through education

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