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Toddler Classroom

From 18 months - 3 years old


Our goals for our Toddler Classroom are:

  • Eliminate stranger anxiety

  • Eliminate fear of abandonment

  • Reassuring routines

  • Introduce children gradually to new activities indoors and outdoors

  • Tune into each Toddler’s personality

  • Providing a nurturing environment

  • Help with potty training when the child is ready

  • Nurture emotional and social growth

  • Foster skills with positive reactions

  • Use Montessori philosophy where children learn best through all their senses

We appreciate how important these early years are in each child’s development.


Parents always want the best for their child and, with that in mind, we have prepared the finest learning environment possible.

We find giving young children loving and responsive care – in school and in the home – dramatically improves their future development and greatly enhances their ability to learn.

The school, in partnership with the parents, is always guided by what is in the best interest of your child.

Our wonderful and caring staff that we have assembled all have the most important character trait for anyone providing care to the young…they truly love children.

Our Montessori Toddler curriculum consists of practical life, sensorial, toddler Montessori materials, art, language, numerals, cultural, music and movement. 

Please schedule a visit to our Toddler classroom to experience the joy of seeing our active, happy and well-adjusted Toddlers.

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