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Children’s House

Programs for Primary and Kindergarten Children


Our school offers programs for Primary and Kindergarten children. The Montessori prepared environment is a purposeful prepared environment to allow the child’s spontaneous progression of development. The Teacher is the link between this uniquely prepared environment and the child. The child’s development is by ability not by age; a child challenges himself and becomes self-reliant, focused and independent. The child’s freedom of choice in use of the materials leads to a development in his concentration and, thereby, knowledge in so many areas of life. The environment addresses the children’s needs as they challenge themselves, from basic to advanced materials. The child absorbs information in the following areas on the classroom as described below:

Practical Life

Practical life exercises help the child gain a sense of order, coordination, concentration and foster independence. Practical life exercises provide a building for fine motor skills and awareness of daily living activities.


Sensorial experiences refine the five senses of sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound and texture. The use of concrete sensorial materials establishes the necessary foundation for the child to later recognize abstract ideas and a more organized mind.


Language development is throughout the entire classroom. In the classroom, the children learn through phonetics. Individual lessons are based on phonics and sight-reading skills. The child’s interest in reading is encouraged and cultivated as their most important key to future learning.


Children have access to hands on approach to mathematics in their early years, which serves as a basis for logical thinking and future acquisition of math skills. Children work with concrete materials representing abstract concepts. The whole math experience is very kinesthetic and visual. The classroom has many materials for learning concepts of numeration, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and problem solving.


Geography, History, Biology, Zoology, Social Sciences, Horticulture and World Cultures are presented to the children in enriching and exciting ways. Children learn about the world through maps and globes. The objective is to increase their awareness of our planet.


Art enhances a child’s creativity and an awareness and appreciation for the arts. Art is also a self-expression that develops hand-eye coordination, imagination, individuality and aesthetic appreciation.


Montessori brings together music, dance and songs. Early appreciation for music and movement will contribute to the overall development of the child to understand concepts.

Kindergarten Curriculum

The nature of the classroom allows for a collaborative and joyful learning experience, resulting in accelerated learning. Our Montessori children gain academic preparation, intrinsic motivation, social responsibility, autonomy, confidence, competence, originality of thought, and sensitivity. Our children earn an education for life.

Schedule a visit to our school, and experience the joy of seeing our active, happy, and well-adjusted children.

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